The Show

Clyde Adams – Perth Western Australia 2001

It was the time for the Nungarin Show, back in 1939, when entertainers, athletes, sideshows and more would be on and around the oval. My father and mother had arranged for us all to go in someone’s utility, but Aunt Elizabeth was slow getting ready, and he was getting angry and impatient.

“Come on Elizabeth” he shouted. We haven’t got all day. Get on the back now, or we’ll leave you home.”

She grumbled and, struggling, just made it in time. We got to the show and I thought it was fantastic.

Later that day I was with my parents and Aunty Liz in the big marquee where afternoon tea was being served. Some others began to discuss a recent story in the West Australian about how some aboriginal men had killed a couple of “white men” back in the 1890s, and eaten their flesh.

“That’s a lot of rubbish” said my father, “Aboriginals never ate human flesh.”

“Oh yes they did” said Aunty Liz. “Surely you remember that”

“Don’t talk nonsense. They never did” he said.

“Come on Tom” she said. They brought some to our place, and you et quite a bit too”.

He left in a rage, and headed for the pub. And Aunty Liz put her arm around me, hugged me and said, “That’ll teach him. I don’t care if he never brings me to the show again, Clyde”