Policeman Adams

Ronald Winbury Adams (Toodyay Western Australia)

Another story told to me by my father (Eddy Thomas Adams) was told to him by his Grandmother (Jane Adams) when he was a boy.

My Great Grandfather was a special police constable for the district and one day he had captured an aboriginal murderer who he chained to the bush timber rafter in the front room down the steps at Mangowine.

I think he was out looking for someone else or something, but anyway my Great Grandmother was left home alone with this prisoner.

She could hear a tap tapping sound coming from the room and when she investigated, the murderer had just about chipped through the leg irons with a flag stone he had prised up off the floor.

If he had succeeded in escaping my Grandmother made no bones about it, she would probably have been murdered and around 1000 descendents wouldn’t be here now.