Granny Adams

Clyde Adams – Perth Western Australia 2001

I know she died when I was only two, but some of my memories of that time are just as vivid as those of a year ago (Sometimes, I suspect, even more vivid).

Jane Adams (nee Glass) is justifiably famous, as indicated by some details on this website. Back in 1934 my family still lived at the “Rowans” house, near Dandanning.

I recall my father taking me to Mangowine, his old home, in a horse-drawn sulky. As a two-year-old I loved the “long trip” (about six miles) and, especially, the warmth and cuddles of Jane Adams… my father’s mother and our Granny.

I was sorry to leave in the evening, but fell asleep and woke back in my bed next morning, with fond memories of Granny. It must have been only a week or two later when several of us were sitting on our front verandah, which faced the road leading from Mukinbudin to Nungarin. A number of cars (very old-fashioned today, but not so back then) began to pass by, and I heard comments from my older family members to the effect that they were off to Granny’s funeral.

The word “funeral” meant nothing to me. I assumed she was in one of those cars, and would be coming in to see me. When it didn’t happen I pouted and sulked. I was missing her, of course. In a strange way I still am today, but it’s always a pleasure to visit her grave at the Nungarin Cemetery, where the entrance is via her Memorial Gates.