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Mangowine pioneer Jane Adams

Jane Adams was the first woman to settle in the Nungarin area, and after her death in 1934, the people of the Nungarin District contributed to a fund to erect wrought iron memorial gates at the Nungarin Hall. The gates were officially opened by the Lieutenant Governor, Sir James Mitchell, at Nungarin’s Show Day, September 23rd 1936. After later renovation work on the hall, the gates were moved to their present site at the formal entry to the Nungarin Cemetery. Read more ›

Extract from the book The Golden West and How It Was Discovered, written by Mr Dick Greaves.

In the late 1880’s gold was discovered in Western Australia around the locality of Bullfinch (The Golden Valley). A gold rush started to these fields immediately and Mangowine was extended to include an Inn that catered for the passing miners. Read more ›

Extract from the book Around the Rock by Olga Joukovsky-Vaisvila

A major social and sporting event that gave Nungarin’s settlers entertainment and a lot of fun were the races at Mangowine. Victor G C Riseley admirably immortalised these country race meetings in his article ‘Picnic Meetings of The Past, Memories of Old-Time Race Gatherings’. Read more ›

The Family Tree

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